Profile Middle East

The Company

Profile Middle East is one of UAE's leading providers of Field Technical Services & HR Consultancy.

Operating since 1999 on technical services to Oil&Gas companies in the UAE, Profile Middle East has constantly expanded its core business to the entire industrial field providing worldwide services.
Profile Middle East is nowadays one of the UAE's leading providers of field Technical Services & HR Consultancy.

Matteo Colombo has been the Managing Director since 2006 and, supported by Junio Carchini (Senior Operation Manager), he is driving the global growth of the company’s operations.

Our strength comes from a deep understanding of the different markets: we often can anticipate the solution to our clients needs.

Profile Middle East constantly invests and trains its employees in order to satisfy any customer's request and to deliver tailored solutions.

In 2012 Profile Middle East funds a new business strategic alliance under the name of “Profile Alliance”.

Sharing a common background, many work experiences and a neat vision of a wider horizon for the services offered to the market, the management of Profile Middle East, Xylem and Swissprofile decided to give birth to this new synergy in the industrial sector.

Strategically positioned in the Middle East, in Italy and in Switzerland, these companies remain independent organizations while building under the lead/guide of Matteo Colombo an integrated project team able to satisfy more complex demanding markets and regulations.