Precommissioning and commissioning services

Precommissioning, Startup and Commissioning activities will directly influence the ultimate success of an entire project. Proper strategic planning is key to avoid delays, cost overruns and potential safety hazards.
Profile Middle East has dedicated staff and the resources available to administer its proven startup and Commissioning plan for your facility project.
Our Precommissioning, Startup and Commissioning professionals have extensive knowledge of our equipment, resulting in a faster turnover of plant operation to the customer.
Our company has assembled a team solely dedicated to perform precommissioning, startup and commissioning activities. They work closely with the design, construction and technical field engineers to develop the most effective, safe and efficient startup plan for your project. In addition to planning, our professionals will be on site to direct, coordinate and perform all startup activities based on the plan.

Standard devices/tools provided




Special services:

To have a complete insight in what Profile Middle East can offer in the field of Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning, please click HERE and download the dedicated brochure.