Profile Middle East strives to satisfy and go beyond its clients’ expectations and requirements.

With different specialized internal teams, we render our services in an efficient and responsive way, offering a mutually beneficial association that creates a long-term relationship between employees, employer and final clients.

Here beside a clickable list of the most common services we offer.
We also render bespoke services based on the specific needs of the client with dedicated task forces which are created specifically.

From a geographical perspective we can operate, directly or through our branches and partners, virtually anywhere in the World in full compliance with the local rules and regulations.


Our multidisciplinary expertise stretches across process, piping, civil, structural, mechanical, HVAC, electrical, instrumentation, and control systems. Our designs are in full compliance with the global regulatory standards and our solutions are tailored for ease of fabrication taking into account all the yard constraints.

  • Technical Consultancy
  • Technical Procedures
  • Basic design, FEED
  • Supervision and support of system design carried out by third partiesDefinition and preparation of Commissioning, Operational and Maintenance Manuals according to Clients’ requirements and Regulations
  • Customized software development for plant ordinary and extraordinary activities Planning, Management and Preventive Maintenance


Precommissioning, Startup and Commissioning activities will directly influence the ultimate success of an entire project. Proper strategic planning is key to avoid delays, cost overruns and potential safety hazards.

Profile Middle East has dedicated staff and the resources available to administer its proven startup and Commissioning plan for your facility project.

Our Precommissioning, Startup and Commissioning professionals have extensive knowledge of our equipment, resulting in a faster turnover of plant operation to the customer.

Our company has assembled a team solely dedicated to perform precommissioning, startup and commissioning activities. They work closely with the design, construction and technical field engineers to develop the most effective, safe and efficient startup plan for your project. In addition to planning, our professionals will be on site to direct, coordinate and perform all startup activities based on the plan.

HR Logistic Support

Profile Middle East HR Logistic Support facilitates the execution of logistic strategies and enhances companies’ competitive advantages. The Global Network of Profile Middle East enables our company to provide reliable logistic support to mobilization services such as orientation upon arrival of the resource, housing, local mobility and all the matters related to domestic or international business trips.

Our joint ventures with local partners and affiliates make Profile Middle East a reliable partner for all the HR logistic related needs. Our responsiveness and adaptivity are an important advantage, allowing us to customize our services tailoring them to the clients’ needs.

HSE services

The HSE services Profile Midlde East provides are both for onshore and for offshore projects. The main and more common ones are:

  • Site Surveillance Services
  • HSE Advisors
  • HSE Site Managers, involving a series of specifically identified roles during the HSE project coordination and the design and the operation phases.

Our skilled team is also providing on-site training of the personnel of the Client.
The training is carried out on-the-job, at the site of the Client, through webinars or through classroom.

Operation & Maintenance

Our team provides its Clients with maintenance solutions, technical assistance and operations, involving local resources, transferring knowledge and assuring long term assistance according to the contract requirements.

We strive to constantly improve the range of our services related to maintenance and maintenance engineering and we offer solutions to increase the plant output and efficiency in a cost-effective way, in strict compliance to the ISO and HSE standards.

The tailored services we render to our clients are complete and focused on maintenance planning and development, spare parts management, special tools availability, skilled resources, local workshops.

Our example of the long list of services Profile Middle East is offering in this segment:

  • Maintenance Audits
  • Feasibility Studies
  • CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) implementation
  • QA/QC data collection
  • Reporting and Training

Project Management

Profile Middle East provides high-level project management services

  • Oil & gas developments
  • Petrochemical
  • Refinery and power plants

Every activity is developed to comply with the rigid quality, time and cost requirements of the project.

The extent of the service offered varies according to the customer’s organization and may range from the supply of a single specialized professional to be implemented in an existing team, to the supply of a complete multidisciplinary project management team. Whether onshore or offshore, our team will carefully select and literally assemble the right resources for your requirements.

Field Technical Services

We provide a complete range of field service capabilities and skills in the industrial sector.
From the baseline of the blue collars, to the top managemen ( including any position in between), Profile Middle East can send its personnel directly to the site of the Client to execute the required job. This workforce is made up of own or rented personnel, carefully selected on the specifications received from the client.

VISA, payroll, accounting activities, transportation, and living are normally managed by Profile Middle East which takes care of all the process allowing the client to avail of a hassle-free and tailored service.

Together with our 20+ partners and affiliates all over the World, our consolidated network supports us to comply without delay with the local rules and regulations vitrually anywhere.

Common operation areas:

  • Field Engineering & Design
  • Planning & Scheduling
  • Construction & Installation
  • Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning & Start-Up
  • Operation & Production
  • Maintenance
  • Field Training
  • Troubleshooting

HR Consultancy

Profile Middle East has a team of skilled recruiters which avails of a dedicated internal database and of a wide network of connections and partners to identify and select the skilled personnel needed by the client. The main targets of the selection done for the clients are Top Management, Middle Management and specifically skilled resources.
The deep knowledge of the local laws and requirements of many different geographical areas is vital to the identification and selection of the proper candidates, avoiding waste of time, money and resources.
The expert Resource Consultants of Profile Middle East suggest HR solutions based on their expertise, technical understanding, diversity and experience. They assist in the implementation of the resources needed at any level.
The HR consultancy services rendered by Profile Middle East span from the selection of a whole management group and project-team, to the selection of a single individual for long or short term services in any area of business. The team avails of a vast and comprehensive dedicated database comprising different degrees of qualification, experience, and skills, covering a large range of trades.
Besides its own specialists, Profile Middle East has at its disposal a large reservoir of highly qualified personnel on the basis of long-term agreements across the World.

Talent mobility advisors
The HR team of Profile Middle East is also expert in “Talent mobility” advisory: it provides the insight and execution for full international expatriates (usually for executives, or partial-package expatriates), from pre-mobilization informative guide to post-mobilization expat management program.