HR Consultancy


Profile Middle East has a team of skilled recruiters which avails of a dedicated internal database and of a wide network of connections and partners to identify and select the skilled personnel needed by the client. The main targets of the selection done for the clients are Top Management, Middle Management and specifically skilled resources.

The deep knowledge of the local laws and requirements of many different areas around the World is vital to the identification and selection of the proper candidates, avoiding waste of time, money and resources.
The expert Resource Consultants of Profile Middle East suggest HR solutions based on their expertise, technical understanding, diversity and experience. They assist in the implementation of the resources needed. The provision of this kind of service is typical for any “industrial field” at any level.

The HR consultancy services rendered by Profile Middle East span from the selection of a whole management group and project-team, to the selection of a single individual for long or short term services in any area of business. The team avails of a vast and comprehensive dedicated database comprising different degrees of qualification, experience, and skills, covering a large range of trades.

Besides its own specialists, Profile Middle East has at its disposal a large reservoir of highly qualified personnel on the basis of long-term agreements across the World.

The HR team of Profile Middle East is also expert in “Talent mobility” advisory: it provides the insight and execution for full international expatriates (usually for executives, or partial-package expatriates), from pre-mobilization informative guide to post-mobilization expat management program.