Position Requirements

– Having bachelor degree of engineering in relevant discipline or M.Sc., Ph.D in any other discipline.
– At least 20 years of experience in engineering, design, installation and maintenance of oil & gas production/processing/transmission, power plant or equivalent project including minimum experience in implementing 2 no. of gas compressor projects.
– International project experience as a Mechanical Engineer.
– Experience as team leader on oil & gas, power plant or equivalent at least 3 (three) projects.
– Familiarity with oil & gas facility project.
– Experience in implementing project in similar geographical areas.
– Having communication skills (excellent command of spoken and written English)
– Computer literacy and ability to work with standard office and engineering software.

Job Description and Responsibilities

– The Project Manager, reporting to the BAPEX Project Director, will have the overall responsibilities for the execution of the Project Consultant Services. Specifically, the
Project Manager is responsible for:
– Acting as the leader for the Consultant for overall management, with full authority for management of the team of personnel assigned to the Project;
– Programming the Consultant Services, identifying staffing requirements, and issuance of instructions and/or advice to the engineers;
– Timely and periodically monitoring of the performance of the Consultant Services
– Convening and chairing management group meetings to coordinate the activities being carried out under the Consultant Services;
– Maintaining close communication with BAPEX’s Project Director and Project Engineers during the service period. He will keep him fully informed of all matters relevant to his roles and be empowered to receive from him directions, advice, and notices concerning the delivery of the Consultant Services;
– Review and develop conceptual design covering all mechanical design for the
entire compressor system and develop the basic engineering documents.
– Develop Piping & Instrument Diagrams (P&ID) and Instrument Index to be issued for bid.
– Develop the Basic Design of Mechanical Equipment.
– Perform the Basic Design for general layouts of the compressors, other equipment
and piping.
– Develop specifications for major mechanical equipment and piping to be included
in Bid Documents according to API, ASME standards and related codes and
statutory regulations.
– Perform technical bid evaluation for Contractor’s proposal under his
– Representing the Consultant at meetings with BAPEX and other parties involved as agreed;
– Reporting regularly to the BAPEX’s Project Director on progress of the
Consultant Services, and making recommendations for corrective actions if problems are identified;
– Keeping the Project Director informed of the progress of the Project, the manning
schedules, and any deviations from the plans, project status, and other events;
– Being on service in Site office for the duration of the Consultant Services
– The Project Manager has final approval authority for actions taken under his purview and in accordance with the directions provided by the Project Director.
– The Consultant is fully aware of the importance of the Project Manager and his assigned tasks in ensuring the successful undertaking and completion of the Project
– Support the PD in Project reporting to the GOB, and be directly responsible for reporting on the progress of the consultant services.
– Support Project management in achieving the Project objectives, including problem-solving and responding to unexpected events or developments that may impact on Project implementation.
– Supervising the Contractor’s performance for procurement, and construction activities
– Coordinating and supervising of the Consulting Services of his staff in terms of schedule, quality, and cost;
– Develop the Project specification as part of Bid Document for Quality assurance (QA)/Quality control (QC)
– Review and evaluate Contractor’s Quality System for its adequacy in compliance with BAPEX and ISO requirements
– Perform quality surveillance for Contractors’ QA/QC program and performance
– Maintain close working relationship with Contractor’s QA/QC representatives and their staff
– Maintain the QA/QC documents and records to be submitted by the Contractor
– The Consultant shall supervise the Contractor’s activities, and give instructions as and when necessary, to minimize the adverse environmental impacts to the site and its surroundings according to the Environmental Management Plan (EMP) approved by the Department of Environment (DOE) and also shall periodically carry out site inspection in terms of clean-up and waste management.

Other Details

Location: Bangladesh
Starting date: ASAP
Working schedule: 10 hours per day/6 days per week
Contract duration: 4 months (extendable)

Upload your CV/resume or any other relevant file. Max. file size: 128 MB. MS Word or Adobe PDF files only.

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