Responsibilities – Key performance Indicators

– Develop and implement process control parameters in the Anodizing, Powder Coating and Wood Finish Lines.
– Develop and improve coverage of raw materials used in the processes of finishing-Anodizing, Powder coating and Wood Finish
– Experiment and introduce new chemicals to improve productivity and quality as required
– Identify, verify and report any irregularities found in the process control and production control activities that may lead to defective products
– Identify, verify and report any potential irregularities in the process and production control process that may probably lead to a defective product
– Ensure adequate sampling and inspection throughout the Product realization stage to confirm product quality requirements are met
– Perform and report root-cause analysis and identify the actual cause of rejection/non-conformity/customer complaints
– Propose and effectively implement adequate corrective actions to avoid recurrence of the identified non-conformity
– Propose and effectively implement Preventive action on identified potential non-conformity to avoid occurrence
– Decide the course of action to dispose non-conformances including liaising with sales and production
– Co-ordinate with production and stores in ordering material
– Test/Verify incoming material for stocking
– Ensuring adequate and appropriate storage of chemicals in the laboratory
– Creating storage awareness of chemicals and other related raw Material Manufacturers
– Set or assist in setting targets and objectives in the Anodizing, Powder Coating and Wood Finish Lines
– Ensure competency of the shop-floor personnel by training and creating awareness of Process Control, Quality Control and Development activities
– To ensure safe and appropriate use of laboratory and lab resources
– To ensure certification to Qualicoat, Qualanod and to other standards as stated by the organization and other interested parties
– To ensure the plant processes are environmentally viable and their waste generation is within the limits of the legal requirements or the objective set, whichever is more stringent


– Review the product realization process and call for halt or change where deviations are identified in process quality/product quality/environment/occupational health and safety
– To accept deviations within the tolerance levels determined between the organization and customer or as defined by a standard
– Request for stock reports from stores to evaluate stock expiry dates and stock conditions
– To investigate all probable causes when identifying root-cause
– To enforce corrective and preventive actions to avoid actual and probable non-conformity
– To experiment new chemical in simulated conditions
– Seek verification of experimented raw material against actual production


– To ensure product quality meets customer requirements
– Safe storage practices
– Adequate feedback to Operational Management with regard to irregularities, cause and related action
– To take timely action to identify and or remove a potential or actual non-conformity
– To report developments and changes in the process parameters and others monthly to the Operational Management and as and when introduced
– To ensure competence of shop-floor personnel in determining the product quality requirements

Other Details

Location: Abu Dhabi

Duration: Permanent

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