Duties and Responsibilities

– Executing the instructions of the Production Supervisor.

– Completing the task within the scheduled time.

– Having control over the operators and production assistants.

– Rotating the working shift of the production team as per the instructions from the superior.

– Monitoring and inspecting the daily production on the line from start to stop.

– Making process parameter sheets and other production related documents.

– Ensure that workers are wearing proper PPE before starting their work.

– Ensure waste segregation & disposal at specified areas.

– Monitor the quality of production process

– Follow safety & environmental rules, company policies & procedures in carrying out duties.

– Give instructions accurately.

– Set the right number of personnel in a team.

– Prioritize orders to be produced.

– Suggest and obtain the best blend of raw material mix.

– Instruct parameter to be set when required.

– Provide Tool Box Talks to his team.

– Verify the effectiveness of Tool Box Talks done by the Charge-hand, Operators etc.

– Follow safe operational practices.

– Lead execution of production as scheduled and as required.

– Watch out for non-conformities (product, process, environmental or OH&S)

– Ensure thorough machine operational and sufficient maintenance knowledge.

– Trouble shoot and assist in maintenance activities.

– Impart training to the team with regard to product, process, environment, safety and inspection of tools, tooling, belts, tackles etc.

– Verify if the Charge-hand and Operators have inspected the tools, tooling, belts, tackles etc.

– Supervise the activities of the charge-hand and the team.

– Ensure adequate identification and traceability in the plant.


– Should report the presence and absence of any employee in his Production Team to the Superior.

– To update and keep track of man-hours for charge in hand, Operators, asst. operators and production assistant.

– Control over in line process.

– Say no to unsafe practices and to work without adequate PPE.

– Call off production in case of irregularities in operation.

– Enforce adequate PPE to the team.

– Refuse a personnel from being a team member if he is not using appropriate PPE or for disciplinary issues where his negligence can lead to deviation from safe operational practices.

– Take necessary actions to improve Tool Box Talks done by the Charge in hand and Operators if it is not found effective.

– Verify inspections done by and charge-hand and operators.

– Discard obsolete and inappropriate tools, tooling, belts, tackles, etc and insist on new ones.


– Accountable for production loss & delay

– Accountable for improper stacking of materials and documentation

– Accountable for wastage of materials

– Accountable for environmental, health & safety violations

– Ensuring knowledge and practice of Safe Operational Method

– Ensuring knowledge of Parameters and information of MSDS to prevent environmental pollution

– Minimizing of Raw Material Wastage

– Ensuring Job Completion within Stated Timelines

– Ensuring availability of adequate resources

– Ensuring Product Conformity

– Ensure adequacy of training to be imparted

– Ensuring Personal Safety

– Ensuring usage of appropriate PPE

– Ensuring subordinates safety

– Ensuring Operational Safety

– Ensuring Appropriate and safe tools, tooling, belts, tackles etc is used by the team

– Reporting of any incidents to the QHSE Officer

Other Details

Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE

Duration: 6 months

Schedule: 6 days a week / 10 hrs a day

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