• 12 Months
  • Italy

Main Responsibilities:

  • Contractor personnel carries out the activities according to the existing laws, the Modello 231 adopted by Company and doesn’t infringe the provisions therein stated. Contractor personnel respects the Compliance, Code of Conduct, Ethic Chart, HSE Chart and all procedures and rules of Affiliate and Group. Observing and monitoring of the process parameters to verify processing conditions and to make necessary adjustments (and tuning) interacting as well with external operators.
  • Involved in the planning of tasks (bi-weekly and 6 weeks ahead) and coordinating the works on the plant defining the correct priority taking also into account the potential interferences and co-activities, prepare the specific procedures or update the existing one if necessary.
  • Prepare in detail the activities to be performed (ARO, inhibitions, isolations and all other precautions required) validating and signing PTW.
  • Coordination of day by day operations of the plant with coordination of external and CCR production operators, taking also into account export and storage capacity constraints.
  • Supervise computerized control panels from CCR to monitor and optimize process, controlling start-up and shut-down operations.
  • Ensure the performance of the plant as per instructions and report any deviations.
  • Ensure a correct reception and handover of the installation at the beginning and the end of the daily shift (verbal and in writing).
  • Monitoring and inspecting equipment and systems to detect malfunctions and taking corrective actions as necessary.
  • Maintaining records, logs and reports about operations and shifts also communicating with other personnel to assess equipment operating status and optimizing the efficiency of the plant in rolling manner (including wells, process units, export, LPG loading, trucks loading etc.).
  • Controlling and operating power generating systems ( boilers, gas and steam turbines) and associated utilities, driving efficient operations.
  • Operate the plants in order to reduce as much as possible the wastes produced, emission levels to atmosphere in compliance with Italian regulations and undertake corrective actions whenever required.
  • Directly involved in the management of ERP, downgraded situations; LO/LC register update, short and long terms inhibitions.


  • To ensure safe and efficient operations of the plant limiting the impacts on the environment.
  • Supervise operations on site with the coordination of all personnel in production shift and ensuring high quality reporting.
  • Ensure correct PTW execution and follow up.
  • Key role in the ERP.


  • Engineer or Equivalent Qualification
  • English fluent and Italian intermediate at mobilization date (could be beginner level at the date of contract award)
  • Proficient in the use of MS Office suite (Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook)
  • Good understanding of database management
  • 10 years minimum of Production experience with field experience (Operational experience), with about 4 years as panel operator
  • Good leadership skills. Sound experience in managing database and reporting tools


  • Italian/European
  • Italy (Location)
  • 1 year (Duration)
  • Experience in facilities exposed to H2S
  • Good fit to ensure effectiveness and safe work on the field
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