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  • Manage the project team, administration tasks and their control.
  • Carry out performance reviews with the project team members.
  • Responsible for:

Quality and timelines of all activities and services provided by our company,

Complete and correct documentation, which is registered, distributed and filed,

All expenses and their approval on the project.

  • Inform regularly his superior about all progresses.
  • Obtain information about potential clients and projects.
  • Establish and maintain local law legislation and company Health and Safety standards on the sites, use Health and Safety tools.


  • Develop strategy, Procurement and Subcontracting plans and work breakdown strategies.
  • Develop project procedures, project team organisation, reporting systems.
  • Define operational constraints.
  • Arrange acceptance and sign-off of design briefs.
  • Ensure cost plan, Budget and cash flow are compatible between them.
  • Ensure teams are adequately resourced and maintain schedule.
  • Offer realistic program advice to the client.
  • Lead, involve and motivate the entire team.
  • Develop future relationships with the client, consultants and trade contractors.


  • Liaise with the client.
  • Coordinate and Manage the design team.
  • Meet client and organisational reporting requirements.
  • Establish a design co-ordination.
  • Assist with Value Management and Value engineering studies.
  • Risk management.

Works package design

  • Establish works package co-ordination design procedures.
  • Manage works packages design production and meet key dates.
  • Co-ordinate works package design with each other and with the design team.
  • Monitor CDM aspects and build up a file on each package.
  • Ensure design is produced in accordance with key dates.
  • Assist with change control procedures and RFIs.
  • Input safety procedures into the design development process.
  • Prepare the project quality plan and ensure that quality is integral to the development process.
  • Prepare project execution plan.
  • Ensure design develops within the cost plan can meet program and is co-ordinated.
  • Provide buildability advice.
  • Ensure adequacy of resources.


  • Manage the package tender process and negotiations.
  • Give place order recommendations.
  • Agree change control procedures.
  • Monitor the expenditure of offsite activities to ensure material & supplies achieve program requirements.
  • Ensure project is procured within the cost plan.
  • Ensure contract conditions are compatible with achieving best buy.


  • Manage overall construction programme.
  • Manage client approval process.
  • Prepare interim and other reports that facilitate the decision-making process.
  • Manage communications within the team and between the team and other parties.
  • Administer change order impact.
  • Chair all co-ordination and progress meetings, reviews and workshops.
  • Prepare monthly reports.
  • Monitor safety on site.
  • Monitor quality on site.
  • Provide effective person management skills that alleviates friction/tension and allows progress.


  • Ensure the client is satisfied.
  • Review project and team performance and debrief the team.
  • Feedback lessons learned to senior management.
  • Assist with defects liability.
  • Agree post-handover clearing strategy.
  • Determine defects clearing strategy.
  • Arrange insurance company inspections.
  • Prepare the final report.
  • Manage partial completion and handover procedure.
  • Obtain warranties.
  • Control the sign off procedures.
  • Provide health and safety file.
  • Arrange project review and debrief.
  • Assist in claims procedure.


  • Build and maintain good reputation of the company.
  • During his/her activities use adequate qualification, competencies, professional expertise and care which can be expected from a qualified employee on this position.
  • Become acquainted with company internal rules and regulations, procedures and policies and adhere to these.
  • Act in accordance with local legislation.
  • Take responsibility for the Health and Safety in the department or on site; implement and act in accordance with the company policy in regard to Health and Safety.
  • Become acquainted with new rules and methods, improve qualification and language knowledge.
  • Keep confidentiality about all facts which are considered or declared as confidential.
  • If an ISO system applied, implement and adhere to the current requirements of this quality control system.
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